Professional Model Home Cleaning

ReddStar Maintenance Group offers an array of services to cover all of your model home cleaning needs in the Phoenix metro area. We will work with you to create a program that fits your needs. Each member of our team is trained to properly clean model homes to make sure the homes are not only spotless but also fully protected from the damages of dirt, grime, and other contaminants.

We work with you to create a model home cleaning plan that is right for you, based on elements like your specific cleaning needs, customer traffic, and budget. Our team structures model home cleaning to occur once a week, once a month, or on any other schedule or timeline you need.

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The ReddStar Maintenance Group Process

Here at ReddStar Maintenance Group, we understand how important it is to make a great first impression to the community you serve. That’s why we pay special attention to all details, regardless of whether your needs are small or large. From using straight lines when vacuuming the carpet to making sure the windows are crystal clear and free of streaks, our team knows what to look for – we are considered experts when it comes to maintaining and cleaning model homes. We also have a team of professional account managers who manage and inspect each home after it has been cleaned, guaranteeing that any and all issues have been found and addressed.

We believe that an essential component of any successful model home cleaning process is teamwork. That’s why we maintain good relationships with the sales staff of every model home client we serve. Our excellent communication skills mean that if issues arise, our team will be able to respond in a timely manner (usually 24 hours or less) to address the issue – guaranteed.

Model Home Cleaning Services in Phoenix

When you hire our team for model home cleaning, you will find we offer an array of services to meet your needs, and you can customize the cleaning plan to ensure that specific needs and timelines of your model home cleaning are addressed. Some of our most popular services included with model home cleaning are:


Our team will vacuum all surfaces in the home, paying special attention to high pile carpeting that has the tendency to hold on to dirt and debris. You will find professional, straight lines to ensure the home is not only clean, but that it looks clean, too.

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning services make sure each window is streak-free and crystal clear to provide a stellar view inside or outside of the home. We use only the best, safest products to ensure this is provided.

Surface Sanitation

We use the safest products to wipe down all surfaces, including built-in shelving, counters, sinks, and more to ensure they are free of dust and dirt. This helps create a great first impression for potential buyers.

Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Our team will mop and sweep the flooring to remove any dirt and debris that has accumulated due to traffic

At ReddStar Maintenance Group We Are Your Clean Partner

If you want to ensure that your model home looks great at all times and will make a great first impression on potential buyers, call us. Our team has been properly trained the right way to clean model homes, and we guarantee the results will exceed your expectations at every turn. Contact us today to learn more about our model home cleaning services or to set up an appointment. We promise you’ll love the results and your potential home buyers will, too.