Phoenix Commercial Window Washing

Located in the Valley of the Sun, ReddStar Maintenance Group serves the entire Phoenix metro area and washes all types of property windows; office buildings, hotel, post construction, large and small contracts, and more.

Clean windows leave a great first impression for your clients and customers. Dirty, smudgy windows are a sign that you don’t take care of things, so why would you take care of the customer? Streaks, spots, hard water spots – these are all reasons to get your commercial windows cleaned as soon as possible. Call in the professionals at ReddStar Maintenance Group and we will make your windows, and your reputation, shine. With years of experience behind us, we can handle any size job and take tremendous pride in giving our customers 100% satisfaction. Our window cleaners are trained, professional, friendly and will never leave a mess behind for you to clean up.

The commercial window cleaning projects we typically handle include:
• Office Building Window Washing
• Business Window Washing
• Retail Storefront Window Washing
• Strip Mall Window Washing
• Hotel Window Washing
• Apartment Building Window Washing

Hiring a Professional for Commercial Window Cleaning

At ReddStar Maintenance Group, Phoenix Commercial Window Washing is our expertise! We are bonded & insured, and have a thorough safety plan in place at all times. We also carry top rated insurance for our company vehicles, window washing equipment, employees, and general liability. You can send us an email to check our policy at any time. We can also provide outstanding references at your request. Cleaning windows may seem like a simple task, but there are many safety procedures that need to be followed. We make this a top priority when washing commercial windows in Phoenix, Arizona.

There’s more to window washing than safety, of course. When you hire a professional commercial cleaning service you can expect a few things, such as expertise, the right equipment, a professional looking appearance, and we save you time. Window washing experts get the job done in a reasonable time and with outstanding results. The outcome of a professional window wash won’t be the same as if you did it yourself.

Our professional equipment and tools can handle any job, from massive sky scrapers to small office buildings. You can expect your windows to be spotless.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Phoenix

To make your life easier, we have many times available for window washing, including after regular business hours. After you contact Phoenix Commercial Window Washing, we will provide the following:

  • A free commercial window cleaning estimate
  • Same or next day service
  • Reliable, dependable, punctual window washers
  • A one-week rain guarantee
  • Cleaning of All Window Screens and Screen Frames
  • Wiping Down of Window Frames, Tracks, and Ledges
  • Removal of Bugs, Cobwebs, Dirt, and Dust from All Windows, Frames, and Tracks
  • Removal of Paint Flecks, Hard Water Spots, Mineral Deposits, and Other Residue on Windows
  • Thorough Window Washing of All Glass Windows in Business or Office
  • Window Cleaners Will Scrub and Squeegee All Windows
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Commercial Window Cleaning Service Plans and Prices Available
  • For additional services, simply ask our team.

To learn more about professional commercial window washing in the Phoenix area, contact ReddStar Maintenance Group today. Our professional, friendly team will answer all your questions and concerns and set up an appointment for a free estimate.