New Home Construction Clean Up

Whether you’re doing some major renovations on an existing house or constructing from scratch, building a new home is always exciting. Of course, things can quickly turn from “exciting” to “exhausting” when the construction leaves a ton of cleanup in its wake. It’s time to take control of the situation and get your home actually feeling like “home”!

At ReddStar Maintenance Group, we offer detailed Phoenix post-construction cleaning. So instead of trying to handle all the dust, debris and left-over materials by yourself, just leave it to the pros. Not only will doing so save you a lot of time, but our expert debris removal and cleanup can actually save you money. After all, many construction materials cannot be disposed of in the same way that regular household garbage can.

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Areas of Focus

In addition to air quality, we do a thorough clean of each construction area, with a few key areas of focus. These are areas that are often forgotten by construction crews and general house cleaners:

  • Doors – Dirt, dust and other debris easily sticks to doors and their frames. Our Phoenix post-construction cleaning team will make sure to clean all sides of your doors, including the frames and hinges.
  • Fixtures – Light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc. can all accumulate huge amounts of dust and debris from construction. We will carefully clean all fixtures so they look brand new!
  • All Floor Types – We take into careful consideration the different cleaning requirements of each flooring type. From hard floors to laminate, to carpets and stone, we will remove all construction residue and debris and give the area a highly detailed cleaning.
  • Exterior – We will detail the entire perimeter of the property by powerwashing the garage, walkways, driveway and patios.

Our Post-Construction Cleaning Process:

Rough Pre-Cleaning

  • Clean and scrape all window frames, window tracks and windowsills.
  • Clean windows inside and out without scratching the surface.
  • Clean inside and out of all French Doors and Sliding Doors.
  • Remove any labeling from windows and cabinets, ensuring no label residue remains.
  • Remove protective film coatings/covers from tubs and showers.
  • Clean and disinfect all plumbing fixtures, tubs and showers.
  • Wipe-down all kitchen and bath countertops with damp rags.
  • Sweep interior floors of home.
  • Power scrub/pressure wash all concrete.
  • Clean all exterior door thresholds.
  • Clean all closet shelving.
  • Clean all light fixtures and remove any labels & residue.
  • Remove and properly dispose of all debris.
  • Wipe out all cabinets with damp rag.

Final Detailed Cleaning

  • Polish exterior & interior of all windows.
  • Ensure all window tracks & frames are clean & scratch-free.
  • Polish exterior & interior of all French Doors & Sliding Doors.
  • Polish all plumbing fixtures, mirrors, and bath accessories.
  • Polish any marble/granite/stone, sinks & countertops.
  • Clean all doors & baseboards.
  • Polish all lighting fixtures.
  • Vacuum carpeted floor areas.
  • Clean & disinfect all bathrooms.
  • Remove and properly dispose of all debris.
  • Clean all exterior thresholds.
  • Dust & damp wipe all closet shelving.
  • Clean & mop all hard flooring areas.
  • Thoroughly wipe out all cabinets with a damp rag.
  • Rinse all concrete including garage/walks/city walks, property line to property line and patio.
  • Wash down garage door, windows, and coach lights.
  • Touch up all smudges on windows and mirrors as needed.


Have questions about what Phoenix new home construction cleaning can do for you? Contact our professionals today at ReddStar Maintenance Group. We’ll have your home clean and actually feeling like “home” before you know it!